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Contradiction is one of the few companies in Hollywood with firm roots in game development. The success of our adaptations is due in part to our deep understanding of how games are made. We’ve been there. And it shows.

Since 2010 Contradiction has written prominent AAA console games, created game IP, and produced extensive game audio.

Notably, Tim Carter wrote the 2012 hit Sleeping Dogs, which was critically lauded for its story and characters.

Contradiction has also written or consulted on Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Need For Speed, Mod Nation Racer, and others. We’ve worked with publishers such as Square Enix, Sony, Ubisoft, and Amazon. We’ve developed and continue to work on unannounced IP for Square Enix, United Front Games, EA, and Amazon Game Studios.

We have created commercials and other live action promotional materials for games such as Skate (EA) and Adrenaline (Ubisoft). We’ve recorded game audio, produced mocap, and provided a plethora of other production support and consulting.

Our experience with the creative and production aspects of game development give us unique insight into developers’ needs. We know where they’re coming from because we’ve sat in their seats. More importantly, when we set out to adapt an IP we do so with a deep understanding of game creator’s perspective.


Contradiction Films is an independent production company with expertise across a broad range of mediums including film, television, new media, and gaming.